Day: March 1, 2014


March 1, 2014 Hello, there was supposed to be an art scene newsletter, but I’ve decided not to post, but don’t be sad, Art Scene will return Wednesday. I wanted to share this: Some of you may know or not about a about a fan art contest on deviantART: Diablo Reapers of Soul Fan Art Contest. You got the time…..


Volume 2/Number 3 March 1, 2014 The third month for 2014 has come! As some of you have already seen, I’ve made some changes and there will be more to come. Not too much going on this month, but not to worry.  Remember those articles from ABI (Arts Business Institute) and Artsy Shark? I will not post those articles, I’m just going to give you the link so you can read them. They both deal with the hoopla of selling and the business of art. Usually, I don’t tell you guys who the spotlight artist for the month is, but that has changed. Denis Zilber will be this month’s spotlight artist. I find his illustrations have a very comical twist. You’ll see what I mean. Also for this month, I will be on the hunt for some workshops coming your way. It’s been awhile, but I think I found plenty, so be on the look out for it! Well we did find out that Atlanta was the city for artists to flourish career wise in …