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February 17, 2014

Afternoon peeps! Another brand new week has begun and it will be another busy one. Esquisses has posted artists who have shown their works in galleries, museums, and other places. It takes not only planning, but to get the word out about it as well. Blog sites, websites, and social media have become the beacon for artists to get their work known.

I love to help artists get that extra pep when it comes to that. I’ve done it before, so I have no problem doing it even more. Just recently Art Scene Newsletter has posted an upcoming presentation held in Brooklyn New York.

If any of you have an art, photography, or any type of art presentation, Esquisses can help share the news. Just drop over to the contact page,, what, when, where, and Esquisses will have it posted! That’s all it takes.

Just helping other artists get share their creativity.

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