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Volume 2/Number2

February 1, 2014

January gone….on to February. February we think about Valentines, love, and all that other lovey dovey stuff. Well, Esquisses has some things in store, such as finding art craft sites that you can create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Yes, buying something for that special someone is the easy way out, but creating something from the heart is the best gift your sweetheart can get!

February is also the month that we celebrate Black History. This year it will be different. Three pages on Esquisses will each celebrate Black History. Sketches of History page will have some facts on African-American artists, photographers, sculptures….even some historic facts on the Harlem Renaissance. The Smithsonian has something something about Black History as well. Poet’s Corner will have poems from African-American poets, while The List has some artists you need to check out.

Almost forgot…..I do have some Valentine’s Day poems that I can share with you. Don’t be surprised if some of them are racy!

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