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January 1, 2014

Volume 2/Number 1

Hello and Happy New Year! As you can already see a new theme has been chosen. Still have the same pages, but a lot of fine tuning has been going on the past few days, but I’m not done yet…..

A lot of things to talk about in this new month of January. New York Live Arts has a lot of activities going on, plus some art fairs and festivals you need to go, apply or just check out. If your planning a trip to London, I found several art galleries you can check out.

Now for those who follow knows how much I love to share about any upcoming events and articles, Arts Business Institute is having their Winter Workshop for two days this month, January 18 & 19. I’ve posted this last month or so, but it will be posted again, so for those interested you can go.

Will there be a spotlight artist this month? Well of course there is, but I want to do something different this year.

A new year, new beginnings. Let’s see what 2014 has in store…..

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