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January 1, 2014

Hello again. New art scene for this New Year 2014. As you can see, there is a change with the post title…just wanted to jazz it up a bit. There is an art course that will take place this month and there are three upcoming art festivals to sign up for, so let’s get this going.

(SVA NYC) Curatorial  Practice Master of Art (MACP)                              Call for Applications/Deadline to Apply: January 15, 2014
To apply go to:
Courses start January 27, 2014
The Masters In Curatorial Practice is a 50-credit, two-year (four semesters) program. So if there is anyone interested, you have the time to apply, but don’t wait too long!

Anyone living in the states of Illinois or Michigan? Because there are three art festivals coming you way:

West End Art Festival                                                                                         September 14 & 15, 2014
La Grange, Illinois
Intersection of Burlington & Brainard
Saturday 10am-5pm; Sunday 10am-4pm
Presented by the La Grange Business Association

Application Deadline: March 1, 2014                                                                  Jury Fee: $10                                                                                                                  Booth Fee: $285
Prints Allowed
Artists: 90 maximum
Ribbon Awards: $1,100
Attendance: 7,000+

For more information about this event, please visit

For further information you can contact Erin Melloy: (630)536.8416 or email:

45th Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair                                                                       July16-19, 2014
Main, Liberty & State Sts., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Produced by The Guild of Arts & Artisans

Wednesday – Friday 10am-9pm; Saturday 10am-6pm
375 Artists
Deadline: January 31, 2014                                                                                            To learn more please to go these sites:

You can contact The Guild at (734)662.3382 or email:

3rd Annual Detroit River ArtScape
June 16 – 22, 2014 / Detroit, Michigan
Along the Detroit River Walk
15 artists
Application Fee: $20 – entire cost to participate and be eligible for:

Prizes & Awards: Each selected artist will receive a $600 award for displaying their winning artwork at Detroit River ArtScape 2014.

Jury panel will judge on site and award prizes of:

First Prize: $2,000
Second Place: $1,000
Third Place: $500

Public will vote for “People’s Choice” awards for:

First Place “Best of Show”: $2,000
Second Place: $1,000
Third Place: $500

Go to for more information.

Head over to to apply. You can also contact Lisa Konikow, Art Director of Detroit River ArtScape at (248)914.8911 or email;

Lastly, Arts Business Institute has an article that I’m always willing to share you: Dress for Trade Show Success.

I hope all this information will be useful. It’s nice to pass it on for those who may be interested. I’m working on who’ll will be this month’s artist spotlight, so be patient…..

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