January 30, 2014 Hello. This month is over and of course some or a lot of you made resolutions before 2014 came around. I used to make resolutions a long time ago, but for the past several or more years, I’ve nixed it. Reason is because let’s face it, if I say that my resolution is to lose weight or take up a class, for the most part, I wouldn’t stick to them. I know me. Most of you probably do the same thing. You make your list and don’t even touch them. To be honest, I think making resolutions … Continue reading REFLECTIONS: GOALS…NOT RESOLUTIONS


January 29, 2014 Hey there art peeps! The week is going by and there is a lot to get done. For the past few months, I have posted about art fairs and festivals. There are some of you that illustrate or draw professionally, for others a hobby or maybe your just starting out. These fairs and festivals are another way of showcasing your hard-earned work. You want people to know about the quality, and don’t be surprise if you have to answer questions about the work. This is where you pretty much do the talking. I’ve been keen to read … Continue reading ART SCENE NEWSLETTER: FESTIVALS, GEMS OF WISDON….


January 28, 2014 Hello….it is snowing and cold in my neck of the woods. In the South, we pretty much shut everything down. Alright. I’m letting you guys know that I’ve made changes to the blog site…..again! At The Museum page is now replace with Art Tips, but don’t worry, At the Museum will now be posted every other Friday. Did you also notice that there was just one Spotlight Artist post? Well that’s how it will be. I’m not going to put too much on myself, so I decided that one spotlight artist is good enough. There is some … Continue reading CHANGES AGAIN…..


January 15, 2014 Hello there! Esquisses has the talented Jodee Taylah as the first spotlight artist for January 2014. Jodee is from Melbourne, Australia. She is not only an illustrator, but also a concept artist and storyteller.  I first spotted her work a few years ago and I’ve become a fan ever since. When you visit Jodee’s website, her work weaves gothic, fantasy, with the whimsical. Also you’ll find on there that Tim Burton is one of her creative inspirations. She attended and graduated NMIT in Melbourne. Since then Jodee’s career has taken off in every positive direction. In 2010, … Continue reading SPOTLIGHT ARTIST JANUARY 2014: JODEE TAYLAH


January 15, 2014 Good Morning…..humpy, hump day.  There is just one piece of art news that you need to know about, courtesy of Arts Business Institute. ARTS BUSINESS INSTITUTE / IN PARTNERSHIP W/THE TENNESSEE ASSOCIATION OF CRAFT ARTISTS PRESENTS CONNECT TO YOUR CUSTOMER MARCH 1 & 2, 2014 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE The topics that will be covered are: Who Is Your Customer? Creative Marketing Building Gallery Relationships Selling Strategies How To Wholesale Pricing For Profit If you not interested in wholesaling, there are alternative topics. Connect To Your Customer: Online Through Images With Grants The speakers will be Wendy Rosen, President … Continue reading ART SCENE NEWSLETTER: ABI WORKSHOP: CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS